API Call get data similar to what you get in download



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    AmandaC - Treasury

    Hi Jackie - Thank you for your question.

    Our API endpoint for downloading awards are POST calls.

    Advanced Search uses https://api.usaspending.gov/api/v2/search/spending_by_award/ followed by https://api.usaspending.gov/api/v2/download/transactions/

    Customer Award Data uses https://api.usaspending.gov/api/v2/bulk_download/awards/

    A list of all our endpoint is at https://api.usaspending.gov/docs/endpoints

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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    Jackie Beaupre


    Thanks for getting back to me.  I have been through the endpoints.  What we are truly looking for is the same data that is provided when you manually do the monthly delta downloads.  

    When I did the Bilk download for example, number of employees is missing which is a key field for how we currently do it with the manual download.  

    Ideally what I would love to be able to do is make a real time call maybe on a nightly basis that gives me awards (maybe filtered by agency) that have changed based on provided date.   Results could be paginated to return all if needed. 

    Any thoughts on either of these?

    Appreciate the help.


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    AmandaC - Treasury

    Hi Jackie,

    Unfortunately, the Award Data Archive files, full and delta, are not generated by an API so pulling the data on an ad hoc basis is not possible.

    Number of Employees and Annual Revenue were removed from publicly-available federal contracting data in October 2018. These data are considered For Official Use Only (FOUO) in the source System for Award Management (SAM) where the entity provides the values during registration. However, the historical data has not been updated.

    Number of Employees and Annual Revenue are business information for companies and can be considered privileged or confidential. Users seeking additional details on Federal contractors that are publicly-held companies are encouraged to visit the Securities and Exchange Commission (https://www.sec.gov).

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns

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