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    Hi Monty – Thank you so much for your question.  To make sure that we answer accurately, would you mind providing us the path that you’re following to get the download so we understand fully the specific link you’re referencing. 

    For example, are you starting on the Advanced Search or are you starting in the Spending Explorer?  Are you using the Custom Award Download or the Custom Account Download? If you could give us an example of the url with the link that would be helpful as well.

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    monty alger



    Thanks for the reply!  Below are details:

    Start with Advanced Search page.

    I selected FY 2018 and selected national science foundation as an awarding agency.

    The first item in the grid is NSFDACS12TI578 reference number above.  When I click on that award ID I get taken to a link:

    This has the details of that award.  When I download the data I can't find the cell with the number 27331030 which  is part of the web url.  If I can get that I can build a site to directly link to the detail page for various list items.

    Thanks again for the help!





    National Science Foundation
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    Hi Monty – Thank you so much for the clarification.  The 27331030 is a random number generated by the database and isn’t currently included in the download.

    We do have a plan for the future to use specific fields in the database to generate that number so users could concatenate those fields to obtain the urls. However, right now there isn’t a timeline for that enhancement.

    To get updates about future enhancements, you can Sign Up on every page of to receive the Release Notes every two weeks or so. 

    Please let us know if you have additional questions or comments. 

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