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    Hi Jim – Thank you for your questions. The biggest difference between the Full/Delta files and the Custom Award Data download is timing. The Full/Delta files are updated monthly on or about the 15th, whereas the Custom Award Data download is updated daily and includes new records and modifications to existing records. If you integrate a Custom Award Data Download with the Full/Delta files, you will definitely be duplicating the awards. 

    One way to determine the  status of a contract award is to download the Transactions, filter by the Award Ids and see how many modifications have been made to the contract.  Usually Modifications "0" or "00" or a modification number ending in "0" indicate the initial award with the changes indicated by the next series in the modification field. If there is a negative amount showing in the federal_action_obligation field close to or after the period of performance end date, that could indicate a close out of the award.

    The action_type_code field in Financial Assistance records will tell you whether the record is new, changed, or deleted.

    Hope this answers all your questions. If not, please let us know.

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