Identifying Recipient by NAICS Code and Sorting by Total Transaction Amount


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    AmandaC - Treasury

    Hello Jaden, thank you for your question about the NAICS data search.

    Unless your time period is very small, you're going to have a massive amount of data to analyze. We have two approaches for you to consider. The first one relies on narrowing the data set to 500,000 rows or less. The second approach looks at a fiscal year of data at a time.

    1) Go to
    2) Select “Award Search” then “Advance Search”
    3) Scroll down to “Time Period” and enter your date range.
    4) Scroll down “North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)”, start to enter the value and select it from the list. You can select more than one NAICS value.
    5) Click the blue “Submit” button.

    When the results have less than 500,000 rows, the blue "Download" button will activate

    We suggest to use VLOOKUP function in Excel to match 500 recipients to downloaded results

    1) Go to
    2) Select “Download Center” then “Custom Award Data
    3) Select your needed specifics and click the Blue “Download” button
    4) In the downloaded file(s) create pivot tables by NAICS.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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