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    Service Desk - Lisa

    Hi - Thank you for your questions.

    1.) Yes, the Award Data Archive is prime award transactions only.

    2.) Yes, the Financial Assistance awards in the Award Data Archive includes grants, direct payments, loans, insurance, and other financial assistance.

    3) The file is compiled based on records where USAID is the Awarding Agency. Of course, many of those records also feature USAID as the Funding Agency, but that is incidental.

    3) The archive file already includes the transactions in the delta file. The delta file identifies what changed from the previous month if someone wants to update their local copy of the data set (though the deltas must be applied regularly for this to work obviously). To get the same information that's in the 'Full' files in Award Data Archive from the Custom Award Data download, select Contracts and IDVs, Awarding Agency, leave Location blank, choose Action Date, select the same Fiscal Year as you used in Award Data Archive, and select CSV. But given that the Award Data Archive files are only generated once a month, note the 'data as of' date there; any changes that occurred after that point will lead to differences in what you get out of Award Data Archive compared to Custom Award Download (since the latter is updated daily).

    4) The delta files are intended for users who are keeping a local copy of the entire prime award dataset for an agency or governmentwide, and who want to load in only what changed in the last month. The deltas only include changes made (new, updated, or deleted records) since the last time the award data archive files were generated. Note that unlike the other files in Award Data Archive, the delta files cover changes to data across all Fiscal Years. If you are keeping a local copy of the dataset and apply the deltas regularly, then your local copy will then match Custom Award Data as it was on the 'data as of' date of the deltas.


    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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