Disaster Emergency Fund Codes Clarification


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    AmandaC - Treasury

    Hi Katy - Thank you for your question.

    Unfortunately, COVID-19 funds are only tracked at the award level, not the transaction level.

    The best approach is the identify the awards for each recipient and download the data by award. Then look at the column obligated_amount_funded_by_COVID-19_supplementals for assistance awards or obligated_amount_funded_by_COVID-19_supplementals_for_overall_award for contract awards for the amount of COVID-19 funding.

    Look at the columns for disaster_emergency_fund_codes or disaster_emergency_fund_codes_for_overall_award to see what DEFCs apply to each award.

    For awards with more than one code, search for that award, click into the award summary page and download the data for that award. Open the Assistance_(award_id)_FederalAccountFunding_1 file to view the transaction_obligated_amount for each DEFC on the award.

    For your specified award https://www.usaspending.gov/award/ASST_NON_24420FP01_7527/, I created a pivot table to determine with these values:

    Row Labels Sum of transaction_obligated_amount
    N 725647
    P 767509
    U 207269
    V 4626233
    Grand Total 6326658

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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